As one of my teachers once said “it’s a tough gig – being human!”. Whilst navigating the challenges of being human can be a confusing, and sometimes painful business, we also have the infinite potential for joy, connection and aliveness.

Self Mastery and Mindfulness – The Power of HOW™

Many great teachers, such as Eckhart Tolle, talk about how a real sense of clarity, peace and happiness being in the NOW, rather than where our mind takes us, which is holding onto the past (in a positive or negative way) or worrying about the future. Many of these teachings do not give us that much guidance on how to achieve the state of presence in our everyday lives. This is partly because you cannot experience presence by reading about it in a book. As Eckhart says you cannot really KNOW what honey is like by studying it – you have to taste it!

This 1 day workshop explores the experience of presence and being in the NOW, with practical tools and methods for HOW.

Through a combination of large and small group discussion and inquiries, guided meditation, individual exercises and some solo time in nature, you will come away with:

  • Increased felt understanding of what mindfulness is and the ways in which you block your ability to be mindful
  • A process you can use after you leave to help you be more resilient and choiceful in the face of difficult life experiences – allowing you to be more awake and present
  • An increase in your feelings of self mastery and ‘response-ability’ – more able to see the beauty around you as well as to respond choicefully when things do not happen as your mind thinks they ‘should’

For dates, prices and availability please contact me.

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