Why Counselling?

People seek counselling for a host of reasons, to help them get back on an even keel or to find more effective way of coping with life’s inevitable challenges. Some people may feel that seeing a Counsellor is a sign of weakness. It can be quite the opposite – to be prepared to express ourselves fully, including our strengths, but also our insecurities and vulnerabilities is an act of courage and an act of compassion and care for ourselves.

Counselling will enable you to cope with change, deal with loss, explore personal development and to create positive adjustments to your life.

How does counselling work?

I will help you to feel at ease expressing what is really true for you, by creating a safe space where your feelings, thoughts and emotions can be observed without any fear or judgement. I guide this process mindfully, so that an open space arises, where new ways of thinking and feeling start to arise naturally. By continually allowing and experiencing what is happening in the present, things naturally start to shift; you come into a deeper relationship with yourself, feel more empowered and start to see new possibilities in your life.

What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

Coaching tends to be more focussed on an outcome and is purposeful –focussing more on solutions than problems. Counselling will focus more on helping you through challenging and difficult times in life – providing support, encouragement and a safe space to express feelings and your truth about what is happening.

Some people will say that counselling and therapy are about looking at the past and coaching is about focussing on the future. Whilst there is truth in this, it is also an over simplification as both past and future are experienced in the now. Sometimes in coaching it is helpful to look at the past to gain insights or get unstuck by reflecting on what has worked well for you / not so well and perhaps examining how some of your beliefs or patterns of behaviour have formed and played out in your life. Counselling is also not just about looking into the past for answers but inquiring into how the past may have influenced and is experienced in the present. The starting point is where you are NOW. I believe in living life ‘full spectrum’ which means fully experiencing the joys, sorrows, tragedies and triumphs of life. What we resist persists, so repressing difficult emotions does not mean that they will cease to exert an influence on us, whereas allowing expression of our more difficult emotions is usually a doorway to feelings of freedom, power and creativity. This can happen within a coaching or counselling relationship.

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