Career Coaching


When could career coaching help you?

  • Are you at a career crossroads and would like some help identifying your future direction?
  • Are you good at what you do, but feeling unhappy, and would like to find a path towards greater job satisfaction and fulfilment?
  • Would you like to find ways to be ‘more yourself’ in the work you do?
  • Are you underperforming in what you currently do and would like to find ways to increase your effectiveness?
  • Have you been considering setting up your own business, and would like some help building the confidence to take the next steps?


As an occupational psychologist I have years of experience in understanding what makes people happy and successful in different careers and helping individuals find a fit between their talents and abilities and what is required to be successful in different types of work. I combine this ‘technical’ knowledge with a more person-centred approach to help you identify your true calling in life and how your work can be a fuller expression of who you really are, meet your financial needs, whilst being of service to the World.

I help you to find ways to move forward in your work life by exploring 3 areas – through discussion, exercises and psychometric questionnaires if appropriate.

1.    Your Passions. What motivates you? What really inspires you and fires you up? When have you felt most alive at work?

Your answer to these questions can change over time, so we look at your work history, what you currently do as well as what you might want to be doing in future, to discover patterns and what is most important to you.

2.    Your Talents. What are your natural abilities and strengths? What are your unique qualities, personality and preferred style?

Are these changing? Do you feel you have latent talents that you haven’t had the chance to fully demonstrate? How portable are your skills? What are your weaknesses or areas for development?

3.   What People Need – Where is there a demand for your passions and talents?  How can your skills and expertise solve people’s problems or make their lives better?

It is possible that the job or market for your skills may not yet exist. We can explore how you could research the current or potential demand for what you offer and how to package in such a way that people will be willing to pay for it

Plotting your course

Where these 3 areas overlap is your personal ‘sweet spot’ – where your passions and talents align with a customer or organisational need for them.

Having identified this, we will then take the time to carefully think through your preferences, goals and options.  Your next steps could be everything from finding a way to have a better relationship with your current work colleagues or changing your job responsibilities, through to changing job, changing your career path or even setting up your own venture. My goal is to help you become successful ‘being yourself with skill’. This is an ongoing journey, but with thorough self-evaluation and my support you can be confident you will be making the right decisions about your next steps.

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